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Online Naturopathic Services

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  • Dietary advice

  • Weight loss

  • Naturopathic Emotional Release

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Nutrient supplementation

  • Flower Essences

  • Iridology, tongue, fingernail analysis (yes we can do this through our telehealth appointments)

  • Initial written treatment plan with prescription and support resources

  • Acute consults


All of the above, plus:

  • Massage

  • Lymphatic body flow massage and detoxification program

  • Normatec Pulse Compression

  • Body composition weigh-in and measure

telehealth naturopath appointment

Lift Naturopathy Services

Comprehensive Initial Consultation 
1 Hour | $130


This is recommended for your first introduction to Naturopathy. I will fully assess your physical and mental health and provide you with a treatment plan that will work towards your health goals.

This program includes; an assessment of all body systems addressing all current health concerns, physical assessments, testing as required, tongue and nail analysis, nutritional analysis, body composition assessment with measurements, a written treatment plan with prescription, and support resources to ensure success on your health journey.

Naturopathic Review Consultation
30 Minutes | $75


Continue to work on your health goals with a review to ensure your treatment is working
successfully for you. 


This program includes; tracking your progress, body composition assessment with
measurements, treatment plan, and prescription review.

Acute Consultation 
20 Minutes | $45


This program is suited for acute health concerns such as, colds and flu, inflammation, tummy upsets, and any virus and bugs you are struggling with.

Weight Loss Consultation 
20 Minutes | $45

This program is to assist you in your weight loss goals. To help you keep accountable and to monitor your body systems during this time.

Metabolic Balance
12 Week Program | $1569

There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and this is why personalised
nutrition is essential for optimum results.


We use your blood test results to find the right foods for you. Then together we help you to learn your foods and create the lifestyle you need to know for balance, well-being, and long-term health.

The Metabolic Balance nutrition program helps to release unhealthy excess weight, creating sustainable and long-term weight regulation – and this is why an independent study has ranked Metabolic Balance as one of the best weight programs. 

However, the Metabolic Balance program can do so much more – not only can the right food help you achieve your ideal weight, but it also paves the way for more health and vitality, especially if you suffer from metabolic or nutrition-related health complaints. 

Generally, healthy people can also improve their vitality by balancing their metabolism.


Vitality and resilience to aging – are two important components for a better quality of life today.

Naturopathic Emotional Release (NER)
1 Hour | $99
40 Minutes | $75

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ or NER is a tool to help identify and integrate underlying emotional blocks.


These underlying emotions can contribute to disharmony in the body leading to symptoms or undesirable patterns or behaviours in the subconscious. This mind and body connection explains why stored emotions may contribute to pain, illness, and disease, and how clearing those emotional energies could provide potential benefits.

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ combines touch, muscle response, and subconscious
memory recall helping clients of all ages tap into and release these emotions.

If you can’t decide on which program is for you, give me a call and we can work that out

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