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Natural medicine to help the body self heal

Meet (me)

Toni - The Travelling Naturopath


I love being a Naturopath, and have a suite of qualifications and experience caring for and supporting people.

Showing people how Natural Medicine works, especially when you have tried everything else and still don't feel and look as good as you deserve, is incredibly rewarding. 

In 2022, my family (and business) are hitting the outback roads around Australia. I am now able to support not only my existing Melbourne community but also those in need across Australia via telehealth or in-person when I'm in the area.

I treat both acute and chronic conditions by identifying the underlying cause of each condition. I aim to increase and restore good health and also slow down or prevent any further decline in health.


I have formal qualifications in disability and aged care support, a degree in Psychology, and post-grad qualifications in naturopathy and counseling. This combination of education and experience allows me to thoroughly treat and support individuals who want to enhance their health and alleviate a wide range of conditions.



Natural medicine is a form of alternative medicine using various ‘natural’ and non-invasive techniques to assist the body and mind to promote ‘self healing.’


My role in your health journey is to support your body and mind's ability to heal themselves. Many of the traditional face-to-face interactions we'd usually cram into our busy schedules can easily and conveniently be done via safe and secure video or teleconferencing in your own home.


I can help you heal at home with our online naturopathic sessions. Via a video or telephone conference, I am able to provide the same level of naturopathic care for many services as a traditional face-to-face appointment. These sessions are simple, and convenient in your home.

I am also a traveling naturopath so please feel free to check out my Facebook page to see our latest location as we may be able to each face to face.

We're all guilty of putting off essential self-care.


I'm here to help you treat the early warning signs so you can live a positive healthy lifestyle and avoid unnecessary illnesses and health complications.


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